an apartment lifestyle curator

Block is an apartment lifestyle curating app providing users
an easy and simple furniture layout, community, shopping,
and real estate information.

Jinwoong Seo: Creative directing, design system, branding
Myungjin Song: Service planning & UX design
Hyerin Yuh: Product design
Kihyun Kim: Animation, Prototyping
Joonho Rue: Engineering
GoBang team: Engineering
Hanbyul: Project mentoring

where we live in.

Living in an apartment is the most common type of housing in Korea. Korea literally is full of apartments. Take a look at the image below.

Don’t worry about this. The truth is that Koreans do really love apartments to live in. All apartments have their own brand. There are even premium ones. The residential quality of apartment is absolutely great due to state of the art technologies. Apartment is the most secure and safe place to reside. Also, buying an apartment unit is considered as a good real estate investment.

sweet home

People who live in an apartment are recently being aware of the importance of interior design these days. Moreover as people tend to spend more time at home now due to COVID-19, they take care of the quality of staying at home.

Especially, people who are about to move into their new apartment seek for nice chairs, tables, and lamps, planning how to make their home better.

What Users want

1. Easy furniture layout features with ready-made floor plans
2. Community to share daily apartment lives
3. Shopping for apartment interior design
4. Real estate information search

Product Roadmap

Brand Definition

Bolck must be having as minimum features as possible for users to use intuitively. It has to be  fun and usefull. Apartment complexs have not been a warm community for everyone. We believe apartment community on Block should be warm, welcoming, and inclusive for every users.

Furniture layout
that matters

Before moving into new apartment, people are normally eager to make a plan of furniture layout based on the new apartment’s floor plan that they are going to live in.

Those images below are examples how ordinary people normally do. 

User feedbacks

Beta test

Beta version covers one brand new apartment complex with 18 ready-made floor plans. Block team met users in person, who are about to

move to the brand new apartment complex.
Plus, over 600 leaflets were handed over to the people in the apartment complex to invite them to use our product and get valuable feedbacks. Of course, we planned some events and gifts for participants.

Here are some major updates
1. Floor plan library
2. Provide a furniture set
3. Divide object editing and plan editing area
4. From limited color set to full color
5. Snap while rotating shapes and furnitures
6. Basic level of community page

1. Shape

2. Rename

3. Furniture set

4. Resizing

Furniture layout 1.0

Furniture layout


Funiture layout


The name

We normally call an apartment building a block. Of course, an apartment complex looks like a series of blocks as well. The na

me Block captures the brand essence and what we do. Like toy blocks, they are easy and playful to build whatever you want. That’s what we aim for our users. Giving them easy and playful usability and building the new apartment lifestyle together.
The Symbol

The logo gives Block its own distinctive “B” made of different shapes that visually resonate with the name. The different shapes suggest the apartment lifestyle itself: different types of people living together and the nature of apartment which consists of different shapes of block.

The logo motion also clearly deliver a sense of furniture layout features. Playing with shapes, moving around like arranging furnitures, and changing size of them are the most literal features of the product.

Block color palette is inspired by two different types of materials: chemical and nature. The basement color is concrete which is basic material for an apartment. Dark terquois represents healthy and calm environment like a deep forest. secondary colors are simply inspired by wood, steel, glass, sunset, and plants. Block uses color combinations to create a sense of balancing and harmony of people.

Graphic & Illustration

Design exploration

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