Product planning
Branding & Identity design
UI/UX design

Myungjin Song: Service planning & UX design
Jinwoong Seo: Creative Directing (Branding, UI/UX)
Hyerin Yuh: Visual design, Illustration
Sungmin Yoon: Animation
Joonho Rue: Engineering (front & back)
GoBang team: Engineering (front & back)
Hanbyul: Project Mento

Block is an app that gives users who are about to move into a new apartment an easy and simple furniture layout features with ready-made floor plans of apartments.


Hidden needs

Living in an apartment is the most common type of housing in Korea. Actually more than that. Koreans do love apartments to live in. All apartments have their own brand and there are even premium ones. This is mainly because Korea doesn’t have enough space, especially in Seoul, a capital city so we have to build up higher. Also, buying an apartment unit is considered as a good real estate investment.

Before people have moved into their new apartment, they are eager to make a plan for furniture layout based on the new apartment’s floor plan that they are going to live in. However, it is difficult to find right apps. This is becuase existing floor planning mobile apps require users to draw floor plans, which is too difficult for ordinary users.

Key question

How can design help users do furniture layout in easy and simple way?


To design an easy and simple furniture layout mobile app for users who are about to move to a new apartment

Case Study

To have a better understanding of floor planning programs, we took a case study by using most famous floor planning programs and mobile apps. In this stage, we had a chance to talk with many people who tried those apps before.

User Interview

As the first step, we set up a casual user interview to meet people who recently moved in their new apartment and had an experience using floor plan programs.

The goal
To understand user’s past experience and needs

To figure whether there are users’ needs for mobile furniture layout app
To define pain points while using floor plan programs
To see users’ needs before moving to a new apartment besides furniture layout

User Survey

From the previous user interview, Block team was able to get valuable data.
We took a survey with 100 people who have recently moved to or are about to move to new apartments.


User journey map

(Co-creative workshop)

Based on the findings from case study and user research,
the team set co-creative workshop to discuss the problems and possible solutions.

1. Some apps require to sign in first before use.
︎ That could be a huddle for users as they just want to try first.
Let users just try the app without sign in.

2. Some apps require to pay for using professional features.
︎ Business model needed

3. 3D features needed eventually

︎ We need to focus on fundamental and basic features for not only easy and simple usability but also quick launch.
We can add 3D feature later on.

4. Some apps are set in horizontal, which give users a sense of playing a game.

︎ We need to test both. (AB testing)

5. Users gave upon drawing floor plans on mobile, which is terribly difficult
︎provide ready-made floor plans. All plans are accumulated in a library

6. Users just want to casually check that the furnitures that they have fit into a new place.
︎Focus on fundamental features for everyone not for professionals

7. Users wanted to know other people’s floor plan and are willing to share theirs.
︎Community page where users share information

8. How can we make users to stay or continuously use our product?
︎Need to provide users valuable and useful tools and information besides furniture layout on this platform.

The big idea:
ready-made floor plans

The big idea of floor plan library is that Block provides ready-made floor plans of apartment. User can search floor plan on Block and use them directly. Users don’t have to draw plans in the first place. Block plan library will start from one specific apartment complex with 18 floor plans and extend them gradually.

New user journey with block

What Users want

1. Easy furniture layout features with ready-made floor plans
2. Community to share daily apartment lives
3. Shopping for apartment interior design
4. Real estate information search

Product Roadmap

Strategic Design Direction

Product(brand) Values 

Bolck must be having as minimum features as possible for users to use intuitively.
It has to be not only fun but usefull. Apartment complexs have not been a warm community for everyone.
We believe apartment community on Block should be warm, welcoming, and inclusive for every users.


The name

We normally call an apartment building a block. Of course, an apartment complex looks like a series of blocks as well. The name Block captures the brand essence and what we do. Like toy blocks, they are easy and playful to build whatever you want. That’s what we aim for our users. Giving them easy and playful usability and building the new apartment lifestyle together.
The Symbol

The logo gives Block its own distinctive “B” made of different shapes that visually resonate with the name. The different shapes suggest the apartment lifestyle itself: different types of people living together and the nature of apartment which consists of different shapes of block.

The logo motion also clearly deliver a sense of furniture layout features. Playing with shapes, moving around like arranging furnitures, and changing size of them are the most literal features of the product.

Vibrant but balanced color combinations create a sense of welcoming and lively atmosphere on this digital environment.

UX Design


Actions in user scenario




We simply prototyped the furniture layout feature by providing floor plans for specific apartments, that are accomulated in the floor plan library.

Usability test & feedbacks

We invited users to a co-creative work space, asking to use our first prototype.
- Usability test & observation
- In-depth user interview
- co-creative workshop

Beta test

Beta version covers one brand new apartment complex with 18 ready-made floor plans. Block team met users in person, who are about to move to the brand new apartment complex.
Plus, over 600 leaflets were handed over to the people in the apartment complex to invite them to use our product and get valuable feedbacks. Of course, we planned some events and gifts for participants.

Here are some major updates

1. Floor plan library
2. Provide a furniture set
3. Divide object editing and plan editing area
4. From limited color set to full color
5. Snap while rotating shapes and furnitures
6. Basic level of community page


1. Shape + Color + resize

2. Shape + rename

3. Furniture set

4. Furniture icons + resize

Design development

Basic but essential features

The team finalised all possible actions and categorized them into 4:
plan library, plan edit, object, and object editing.
What we tried to do was having as little but essential features as possible.

Furniture icons version 1

Basic set of furnitures is designed according to user’s voices.

Brand Experience Design (Applications)

Design Explorations